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About Us

FeelAPlace is a global startup that merges technology and travel like never before. We exist to enable travelers and tourists to “feel” a place before, during and after their trips.

The FeelAPlace web and mobile managed marketplace aims to become the arbiter of global tourism traffic by telling the stories of each place and removing the friction associated with planning and undertaking a trip to that place that tourists today encounter. Leveraging technologies such as AI, ML and personalization, we allow tourists to discover (even serendipitously), plan, book, travel and share their trips on our centralized platform, in a seamless experience. Our platform also empowers local tourist places and merchants to host and monetize their inventory, benefitting from the network effects of aggregation and personalization.

Before we started, we wrote down all the things that are important to us as travelers - discovery, customization, easy access, bookability, safety, utilities, supporting local businesses. You name it, and we’ve written it into our code.

Our team curates content and collections from all corners of the world providing access and insights that are handcrafted (or machine crafted), local and authentic. The FeelAPlace marketplace hosts 10+ thousand unique places to travel to in nearly 250+ cities and 70+ countries around the world and it is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

Travel and tourism is far more than just flights and hotels. We want you to feel your trips – unlock deeper emotions, have lasting memories of each moment, be energized by every activity, be inspired by every experience.

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